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Our Story

Sewing for My Children Turned into a Business


In 1973, we were blessed with a baby girl. At that time, she was the most precious gift that I had ever received. I was a full time mom and with very little to do with one baby only, I began to sew for Melissa. Lots of things went in the trash but lots of them actually looked good. Two boys and seven years later, we were blessed with another girl in 1980. Once again, I began to design and sew for her. With lots of practice in by this time sewing for Melissa, the designs that I made for her were inspired by a line from the south called "Mary Louise Originals" . I loved the intricate detail on these dresses. Kristy started wearing these little dresses to church. Almost every week, someone would say, "You should make those and sell them". This is when the project began. In 1985, I did just that and the rest is history. I began selling to retail stores and did that until 2010. We are taking a different direction at this time by taking our product directly to the retail customer at a value price. Since I had the building that we used to manufacture and it was not being used, a friend and I decided to start our retail business which is proving to be a very good move for us. We have always been 95% girls clothing but since not many people are sewing cute things for boys, we decided to concentrate our efforts on boys clothing. Thank you for shopping with us.

Meet The Team

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Founder & CEO

Brenda Bell, 
Owner, CEO

Kristy Griffith
Embroidery Productions

Mary McKeehan

Kay Kelley
Cutting Department
Kristy's Children
Homeschooled at our shop

TEL. 931-657-2229

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